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Goeben Reminiscence: a scenario for Thunder At Sea

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This is the first scenario for Thunder At Sea with NameSwitcher.

This scenario follows the original timeline: it starts on the 3rd of december 1939 at the declaration of war. You can play the allied side or the german one. The scenario lasts 10 days. On the german side the mission goal is to escape while on the allied one it is interception.

A special and very long work has be done to make it the more historically accurate: the airbases, their quantity of planes, the name, size and location of the allied ports are very close to the real ones by the time. On top of that, the position of the allied ships (almost one hundred) is also the real one by the date.

You can download the archive here.

Description of the scenario:


A fictional scenario based on the original timeline (OTL). On the third of september 1939, the United Kingdom and the French Republic declare war at Nazi Germany.

The scenario starts here...
On the mediteranean field, the allied are immediatly on alert: a british report state that a little group of german warships crossed the strait of Gibraltar eastward in the mist on the early hours of the 2nd of september. The exact quantity, type and name of the ships, their objectives, as they location, is unknow...

Tips: It is recommended to play on the allied side at first, because doing the opposite will spoil you the german intentions (which however, are randomized with 6 differents patterns).This means that the scenario is playable many time with different results :) .

Note: The position and name of the main allied warships are historically accurate.Same thing for air force bases.

Difficulty level: I consider this scenario to be hard on the german side, and medium on the allied one: while the first hours are very easy the scenario become more and more difficult after the first days. It also highly depends on the path choosen by the german ships.

The utilization of FS_NameSwitcher is compulsory. The dictionary file is included in the archive.

Thunder At Sea scenario "Goeben Reminiscence"

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